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General Microsite FAQs

Last update: 03/01/21  |  Approved Date: Not Approved

A member will pay a $25 copay for a visit to a retail clinic or urgent care center that is in the Hooray Health network. The member will not receive a balance bill or additional charges for covered procedures at in-network providers.  

Hooray Health has an unlimited telemedicine service available to members 24/7/365 and has a $0 consult fee every time. Members can speak to a physician at their convenience, and if needed, their prescriptions can be called into a pharmacy of their choice.  

Hooray Health offers $0 Telemedicine & only a $25 copay to a national network of Urgent cares & Retail Clinic. We cover accidents and illnesses along with discounts on prescription drugs. We aren’t a comprehensive medical plan, with a high deductible, that has extensive coverage for serious medical conditions. Many people think we are just the right amount of coverage for them!

Prescription discounts can be utilized at thousands of pharmacies across the country and can be located using the Hooray Health App.  

Providers can be found using the “Provider Look-Up” feature on the Hooray Health App or by contacting our medical concierge.  

Search “Hooray Health” on the Apple App Storeor Google Play Store 

If your Company is offering Advantage plans, the Hooray Health plans are available to anyone between 18-84 years old. If Select plans are offered, the age limitations are 18-64

Yes. However, they’ll not be eligible for the plan again until the next Open Enrollment. 

Member Resource FAQs

Last update: 03/01/21  |  Approved Date: Not Approved

You may use your benefit allowance to visit any medical provider that you like. You may see a cost savings when visiting a Hooray Health provider or a First Health Network location. 

Hooray Health plans are limited benefit plans offering coverage for accidents and illnesses with access to retail and urgent care clinics through the Hooray Health network, or a variety of a doctors and hospitals through the First Health Network. You may view your plan coverage details via Hooray Health’s member portal or you may contact member services to speak with a live representative at 866.746.6729.

You may view your plan coverage details via Hooray Health’s member portal.

Hooray Health has more than 3,500 network provider locations in 48 states nationwide. You can locate local providers by using the Provider Lookup feature on our mobile app or by visiting http://hoorayhealthcare.com/providers/. 

The First Health Network is another network available to all Hooray Health members. The First Health Network is a national PPO network of over 5,500 hospitals, 115,000 ancillary facilities and over 1.5 million health care professionals. Members receive an average of 32-52% savings at these locations. To search for a provider, click here or use the Hooray Health app to locate the provider closer to you.

Search “Hooray Health” in the App Store and Google Play for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Hooray Health Mobile App gives Members the ability to:


  • Search for nearby providers using our Provider Lookup feature
  • Access a variety of plan features right from their smartphone
  • Locate the lowest priced prescriptions at their local pharmacy with the Prescription Discount button. 

Also, Members can use the app to contact any of our 24-hour services where they can update plan information, speak to a representative about care options, or consult a physician via phone or video chat.   

Currently Hooray Health does not offer continued coverage with the existing plan at the time of ended employment. However, Hooray Health does offer an alternative solution to your existing benefits, called WellCall360 and can be viewed at wellcall360.com 

Your Hooray Health benefits can serve as supplemental coverage and may be used in conjunction with another Healthcare plan. 

Hooray Health does have plans that include coverage for pregnancy related items. Please refer to your plan details to confirm whether this is included. 

Hooray Health does have plans that include coverage for specialty doctors for services related to accidents or illnesses. Please refer to your plan details to confirm whether this is included. 

To cancel coverage, Hooray Health requires a written request that includes your reason for cancellation. You may begin this process via Hooray Health’s member portal, or you may request via email atmembersupport@hoorayhealthcare.com. 

If your billing is considered “Direct Pay”, Hooray Health will automatically deduct the funds monthly from your chosen method of payment.  Your first month’s benefit coverage is paid on the day you enroll. After the initial payment, payments are scheduled on the 15th each month and pay for the following month coverage. You will receive a reminder within 3 days prior to the payment date. If your billing is considered “List Bill”, payments are deducted monthly from your paycheck. 

Hooray Health currently does not allow late enrollment, unless there is a Qualifying Life Event, but you are able to enroll in WellCall360 all year round at wellcall360.com. 

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